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Who is Realestk ? Next Big Star out Toronto

We know very little about Realestk or as he might say Tornoto's secret. From what is known through his music Realestk is a star in a making. A 17-year-old Toronto native brings us back to that feeling when TheWeeknd first emerge. How he blew up in the Underground scene to making so much noise the mainstream placed a red carpet for his entry. I sense the same for Realestk but bigger.

His new single " WFM " song has reached a million views on Tik Tok. There is a trend that fans can show their " Glow Up " from younger years until now using his song in a backing saying " Wait for me." RealestK voice is soothing and his harmonies are like no other. Recently he posted a picture with Nav on Instagram only proves he's catching some ears from up top. Not to mention a couple of people from Capitol Records has chimed in on his likes section. From what we know now, there is no secret RealestK will be an artist to watch in 2022.

Check out RealestK new video "WFM' Below

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