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"I want to make the world smile and inspire people to follow their dreams."  ​

Making people laugh and helping others has always been a main component in what makes Chris tick.  Happiness is a powerful tool, which he found could influence others in a positive way.

Chris Kelly is a Co-Founder of EyeConicVisions, a visual artist, content creator and photographer.  Chris focuses on documentary films, music videos and artist development and brand .   Chris is originially from a small town in Winchestertonfieldville Iowa (Washingtonville, NY).

Suburbia was a place where Chris would find sanctuary in being outside and playing sports with friends. As he grew older sports gave way to films.  At the tale end of Middle school and the beginning of High School he dabbled with montage videos creating content with his friends.  This allowed him to grow and push his creative side.  After a film class in High School he pursued his dream and spent a year at Hofstra and three more at St. John's University studying Television and Film.  In 2011, he Co-Founded EyeConicVisions with Swavthevisionary.   

After a couple year school hiatus, Chris went back to Orange County Community College in upstate  NY.  He re-acclimated himself to learning the basics and gained a mentor that he could rely on for information and knowledge.  The creative community that was there inspired him and it was refreshing to help other students with the knowledge he already knew.  

To Chris, films allow us to escape into the imagination of others.  Films inspire us to change the world, and tell stories that are captivating.  Sometimes a story has a character who is heroic and sometimes it showcases a sheer display of creative genius.  Chris' favorite stage of production is post.  Editing is where the puzzle is assembled, each piece has it's own purpose but the end result can be manipulated in a million different ways.  It takes patience and vision to use the blueprints and craft a finished version of a project and hard work and dedication are essential to growth as an artist.  The most important aspect of our humainty is affording ourselves the opportunity to take risks and make mistakes.  The greatest triumphs have been experienced outside our comfort zones, and Chris wants to continue to push the envelope and work on projects that excite and inspire.